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Thanks to the strict adherence to strict ethical standards, the highest professional standards and responsible service attitude for each family to provide the ultimate US study consulting services.

The Principal Consultant, who is in charge of application progress monitoring and control and the quality of application documents.
Principal Consultant
Planning Consultant
The Planning Consultant, who is in charge of making plans regarding examination and extra-curricular activities, preparing and updating the planning report for overseas study on a monthly basis based on the progress of academic and extra-curricular activities, assisting students to fill out application forms and conduct double check, sending the materials and bridging the communication between the student/parent and the document writer.
The Educational Consultant, who in charge of guiding students to fill out the list of awards, the list of activities and the column of supplementary information, brainstorming with students for the preparation and construction of main documents and supplementary documents and discussing and finalizing documents with the Principal Consultant.
Educational Consultant
Private Butler
The Private Butler, who is in charge of dealing with various study arrangements and study plans in cooperation with Online Academic Teacher during tutoring, summarizing the key points of every class, and making feedback every week, every month and every semester.
The Online Academic Teacher, who is in charge of daily academic tutoring for the students, providing tuitoring at a fixed time on a weekly basis, helping students to develop academically and fill the gaps in professional knowledge, and offering suggestions and sharing experiences regarding future development direction.
Online Academic Teacher
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